A Poetess with a Brain on Fire

by Oct 16, 2020Light, Shadow0 comments

She would twist the words to steal your heart

With her witty lines and starry eyes

She pulls the strings and rules your mind 

A poetess with a brain on fire

Leaving you with a burning desire 

To find her between the sentences;

You have no choice but to go on a quest

Or else you can never rest

But soon you’re caught in her web

While looking for her between syllables 

In anticipation of her miracles

You’re avidly tracing her footprints;

Intoxicated by her lingering scent

Inhaling her leaves you in torment

Inebriated, you are lost in her thoughts

All you see is her past ghosts

She is nowhere – yet everywhere

An enigma – with a story to tell. 


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