This section shows a varied flavour of sexual and sensual experiences, intimate words, flirty lines, naughty thoughts. Seduction, erotica, fantasies. The brain is our largest sexual organ after all. 

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I’d Never Want to Wash You Off Me

Everything was so vivid I saw the sun rays make their way through your eyelashes  casting a shadow on your cheeks while you kissed me gently I can still taste you and smell your scent on my skin I wish it wasn't just a dream  Because I’d never want to wash...

His Lioness

Your twisted ways of loving me Kept me imprisoned  For so long  I thought the way you fucked me  Was everything Until He came  And showed me I don’t need to be tamed That day I became  His Lioness. 

Her Fingerprints

Her fingerprints  all over your body Invisible to the eye You’re caught in a sweet lie; Nauseated  I kiss them off your lips,  lick them off your chest Nothing to detect Nothing to taste  No trace of her I wipe her off your face  Now you are...


I want to know how tasty I am  Down there  Lick me wild  Then kiss me hard  So I can savour what’s mine.

Green or Blue

I don’t remember if your eyes Were green or blue  I do remember though How much they wanted to Undress me  See me naked  in that morning light  Without anybody else around  Green or blue  I don’t mind Undress me  See me naked ...

In a Darkened Room

In a darkened room Just you and me  Your silhouette is all I see  One step closer and I can feel  Your skin on mine  It’s hard to breathe .

Tanned Skin

Tanned skin, white sheets, piercing blue eyes He said “I’m yours” and I was ready to ride.