Uplifting, touching, empowering and lighthearted writings, filled with love and positivity. 

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Under the Moonlight

Running in the sand  Free and wild  Moments of truth shared  Under the moonlight No makeup, no clothes  Just you and I  Barefoot, naked, heart to heart. 

A Poetess with a Brain on Fire

She would twist the words to steal your heart With her witty lines and starry eyes She pulls the strings and rules your mind  A poetess with a brain on fire Leaving you with a burning desire  To find her between the sentences; You have no choice but to go on...

Consume Me With Love

Some spit me outSome swallow me wholewithout savouring me at allOthers decide to dip me in their sauceBecause I am simply not enough on my own For some I'm blandFor others too sweetSome of them just sniff me aroundwithout ever having a biteIf they just gave me a...

You Were Listening

I don’t know what turned me on more… All the naughty things he was saying to me Or knowing that you were listening to our conversation. 

Just Before We Kissed

You know that moment when something is about to happen... Just like before it rains. That tension in the air, you could almost touch it, taste it, feel it, but it’s not quite there. That moment, that moment just before we kissed, it was like before the rain, sparks in...

Rag Doll

Can I be your rag doll  I wonder  Better than being made of porcelain  So fragile  Admired from afar Kept on a shelf You would never touch me Leaving me dusty Still beautiful but lonely  Rather be your rag doll You could drag me ‘round ...


The world collapsed without you And I did not even notice  Until you came back from the heavens  And lifted me up in your arms again.

Deep Oceans

Deep Oceans Echoing Birds Flying high Never think back Freedom is yours It always was