All about romance, relationships, representing the highs and lows and an array of emotions that most of us experience in our romantic connections. 

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I’d Never Want to Wash You Off Me

Everything was so vivid I saw the sun rays make their way through your eyelashes  casting a shadow on your cheeks while you kissed me gently I can still taste you and smell your scent on my skin I wish it wasn't just a dream  Because I’d never want to wash...

His Lioness

Your twisted ways of loving me Kept me imprisoned  For so long  I thought the way you fucked me  Was everything Until He came  And showed me I don’t need to be tamed That day I became  His Lioness. 

Under the Moonlight

Running in the sand  Free and wild  Moments of truth shared  Under the moonlight No makeup, no clothes  Just you and I  Barefoot, naked, heart to heart. 

Her Fingerprints

Her fingerprints  all over your body Invisible to the eye You’re caught in a sweet lie; Nauseated  I kiss them off your lips,  lick them off your chest Nothing to detect Nothing to taste  No trace of her I wipe her off your face  Now you are...

She Was The Storm

She was the stormThe lightning in the skyShe was in every rain drop trickling down my sideShe was the thunderElectric current in the night She was in every teardrop falling from my eyes.

Consume Me With Love

Some spit me outSome swallow me wholewithout savouring me at allOthers decide to dip me in their sauceBecause I am simply not enough on my own For some I'm blandFor others too sweetSome of them just sniff me aroundwithout ever having a biteIf they just gave me a...

Just Before We Kissed

You know that moment when something is about to happen... Just like before it rains. That tension in the air, you could almost touch it, taste it, feel it, but it’s not quite there. That moment, that moment just before we kissed, it was like before the rain, sparks in...

You Had Me Whole

I gave you a taste of my tongue and you wanted more  I let you savour my lips and you craved for more  I gave you my body and you cried for more  I let you ravish me and you dreamed of more  You consumed me fully and I gave you all Now I am empty,...


I’ve been in a haze,  trying to find myself, never knew it would be so hard to figure out who I am  without you now.