All about romance, relationships, representing the highs and lows and an array of emotions that most of us experience in our romantic connections. 

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Rag Doll

Can I be your rag doll  I wonder  Better than being made of porcelain  So fragile  Admired from afar Kept on a shelf You would never touch me Leaving me dusty Still beautiful but lonely  Rather be your rag doll You could drag me ‘round ...

Lies upon Lies

Lies upon lies  With you in my arms  Knowing you have to  Go home now She is waiting for you  To be back  From your lover  It’s our secret You never get caught  Only guilt will find you  Waking you up at night  With no one...


Even from a distance you feel close If you were here I’d want you far That distance feels safe It keeps our love forever alive.

The idea of you

I loved the idea of you more than I loved you  And that was a dangerous game to play  Leaving us both wonder why reality always failed.

Faded Love

There was a time  I thought you would be the father of my child The one and only I would love Times change and now We live thousands of miles apart Hearts ripped into pieces  And one must like playing puzzle To put them all back together Our hearts still...


Darling why didn’t you tell me you loved me. Somewhere deep inside I always knew.  But instead, you betrayed me and gave up your truth.  Darling why didn’t you tell me you were scared. Somewhere deep inside I always knew.  But instead, you put up walls...