This is about the exploration of the depth of our psyche, facing our darkness and fears and embracing the not so wanted parts of ourselves. All about sadness, obsession, grief, destruction and more. 

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Her Fingerprints

Her fingerprints  all over your body Invisible to the eye You’re caught in a sweet lie; Nauseated  I kiss them off your lips,  lick them off your chest Nothing to detect Nothing to taste  No trace of her I wipe her off your face  Now you are...

Hold it Together

Falling apart seems easy  until you realise  that no one is coming  to pick up your pieces. So you just hold  it  together. 

The Master and the Puppet

You distract me  Then destruct me You fool me  Then lure me  Into the darkest alleys  Of your mind Where no one can Hear my screams I will hunt you  In your dreams The place where  I am the master  and you the...

A Poetess with a Brain on Fire

She would twist the words to steal your heart With her witty lines and starry eyes She pulls the strings and rules your mind  A poetess with a brain on fire Leaving you with a burning desire  To find her between the sentences; You have no choice but to go on...

Swallowing Wasps

Tongue tied Like swallowing wasps My own words sting Stuck in my swelling throat They buzz and suffocate The longer they dwell  The more I swell Gasping for air Praying that I can release my words Wish I was like those chirping birds With their melodies flowing...

She Was The Storm

She was the stormThe lightning in the skyShe was in every rain drop trickling down my sideShe was the thunderElectric current in the night She was in every teardrop falling from my eyes.


My face becomes yours  As I stare at you  I wear your skin if I have to  Your gestures your smile  I own them now Obsessed I take you in No doubt  I carry you within.


The mystery in your eyes Pulls me closer  I’m trying to read you  But I never get an answer  You lured me in and  Now it’s too late  I’m lost in you Without a torch to find my way out  In your darkness Here I am trapped for good Only you...

You Had Me Whole

I gave you a taste of my tongue and you wanted more  I let you savour my lips and you craved for more  I gave you my body and you cried for more  I let you ravish me and you dreamed of more  You consumed me fully and I gave you all Now I am empty,...


Mesmerised Looking into your flames I am burnt Melted off my pretty face Unwanted Only you can keep me now Possess me No matter how ugly or vile.