Consume Me With Love

by Sep 7, 2020Light, Love0 comments

Some spit me out
Some swallow me whole
without savouring me at all
Others decide to dip me in their sauce
Because I am simply not enough on my own

For some I’m bland
For others too sweet
Some of them just sniff me around
without ever having a bite
If they just gave me a chance
They would know how tasty I am
And there are those who don’t even dare to look at me

They must be on a diet
and me on their forbidden list
So many reasons why they would not touch me,
But they secretly fantasise about me
They are scared to become addicted to my taste
Yet for some I am no more than just waste

You see, not many know how to eat me
Only a few can ever taste the real me
And only those who take their time
To savour me bite by bite,

Will fully enjoy my kind
while they close their eyes
And consume me with love.


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