CUSTOM POETRY by Olivia Bella

Below you can find a few romantic and sensual poems written by me. These samples should give you an idea about my writing style. 


POEMS WRITTEN FOR CLIENTS  (Shared with their permission.)

Sixteen Years

Sixteen years is a long time, they say. Yet some flames could wait for an eternity and never be extinguished. 
Years stacked upon years like the wood he was leaning against the first time she saw him. Smoking. He lit up a cigarette and he lit up her heart. It was merely a remembering of who they really are to one another. In an instant he knew there was no other for him, she walked into the room like a dream – embodied. 
Their bodies played with the fire, they burned and they devoured each other. But the summer came to an end and life returned to normal. His absence left a mark in her heart, something you can’t erase no matter how hard you try. A distance they couldn’t bridge at the time. Years passed yet their love remained. And one day, like out of a fairy tale, he made his way back to her. Divinely orchestrated – you could say it was fated.
Their love never faded. Sixteen years is a long time, they say. But some flames don’t obey the rules of time, they burn ever so bright through infinity.


Milonga del Angel

She walks into my dream, her red dress sensuously hugging her hip, her hand reaching towards mine. 
As the opening accords of “Milonga del Angel” start to play, we tango across the candlelit room, our bodies guided by passion. The music stops and me, awestruck, waiting for her to speak. 
Do you remember me? She asks. 
And despite the mystery of her silver facemask, I know it’s her. Memories of wine tasting and charming streets in Paris come rushing back to me and make me want to savor her unmistakable essence. 
We come alive once again in this lucid dance of our senses, her red hair bounces with every step we take, and I gladly become her instrument to play.



My Ultimate Destination (From my book ‘Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies’.)

I was never courageous enough 
to wander off too far from the safe shores 
of my comfortable existence.
But for you, 
I’d sail on ferocious seas, 
I’d wade through wild jungles, 
I’d conquer galaxies after galaxies, 
just to travel to you.
‘cause you’re my ultimate destination, 
you are where I need to be. 


My Secret Fragrance (From my book ‘Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies’.)

There is an undeniable urgency 
in the way you seek my eyes, 
the way you crave to be absorbed by my gaze 
and dive into the depth of my soul. 
No hesitation, just primal instinct, 
a knowing that you belong with me, 
your every move is a testament to a desire 
greater than Earth’s man-made rules, 
and even without a key, 
you know how to enter me 
before you completely submerge yourself 
in my secret fragrance.


Dazzle me (From my book ‘Beautiful Alien’)

You dazzle me and I fragment into a million sparkling pieces to float around you like stardust.
I land on your lashes, I get caught up in your hair and in this sweet dance I become one with the air you breathe.


Oneness (From my book ‘Beautiful Alien’)

Pull me close. 
Now make it closer.
Feel me. 
Touch me.
Touch me as if I was you and you were me.
Breathe me. 
Love me. 
Love me in the perpetual oneness of our souls.



You’re looking at me looking at you, 
flesh against flesh, the mirror is our witness.
Your tattoo stretched out on your chest, 
all the muscles flexed, 
and me stretched around your girth, 
my hair in your fist, 
pounding waves of bliss overtake my body. 
I’m in awe of our reflection, 
you behind me, 
we are pure perfection of sculpted pleasure, 
there is no way to measure the depths I would go with you.