The main reason I started writing was to process my emotions. At that time I wasn’t even sure that they were going to be poems.

But my initial scribbling became more and more frequent, the right words flowed through me in the right order – often when I would be daydreaming, travelling or about to fall asleep. 

I love the idea of transmuting pain into art and creating something beautiful out of your perhaps not always pleasant or even dreadful experiences.

At the same time, it is equally healing to paint a picture with your words that reflects your desires, your longings, your imagination, the joy and the love you hold in your heart. 

While all my poems are heartfelt, personal and at times quite vulnerable, they are not necessarily biographical. This is where fiction meets reality. And what is reality anyway…

That being said, I believe you can always feel the soul and essence of the artist through their words. 

Some of my favourite genres are sensual and romantic and dark poetry. I love diving deep into the shadows of my mind, embracing the darkness and shining light on it. 

Above all, it’s about the human experience, each poem, no matter how short, is a story on its own, and may also be a part of a bigger picture. 

Whether it be about true love, erotica, heartbreak, loss, obsession or freedom, hope you find what resonates


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