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Olivia Bella is a poet, a writer, and the author of Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies and Beautiful Alien.  Her work has been published in various anthologies internationally. 

One of her poems inspired pianist Margin Alexander to compose a piece and perform it during a concert in New York City.

Olivia is a passionate storyteller who is known for her sensual and emotive writing style which is largely influenced by her own life experiences as well as visual arts and music. 

She was born and raised in Hungary, but she has been living and working abroad for many years and has been fortunate enough to call Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States her home.  She currently shares her time between England and Hungary while writing her next book. 

More about me

I started writing poetry in 2019 with the intention of expressing myself, telling stories, and processing my emotions. At that time I had no clue I was going to be a poet. 

Prior to that I only wrote one poem back in 2015. So I thought it was going to be short stories or prose or something along those lines, as I already had a background in writing articles and blog posts. This time, however, I wanted to give creative writing a shot. 

I quickly realized that the way I naturally expressed myself through words was much closer to poetry than anything else. 

I enjoyed the emotionally condensed nature of the poems and became hooked on how I can tell stories and paint vivid imagery in such few words

Poetry quickly became my number one way to transmute my pain into art and create something beautiful out of those not-always-pleasant or even dreadful experiences.

Besides the healing qualities of writing, the fun comes from letting my imagination go wild. In there, nothing and nobody can limit me. That’s why I often use dreamy and surreal imagery that reflects my inner world, desires, fantasies, and aspirations.

While most of my poems are personal, and at times quite vulnerable, they are not necessarily biographical. This is where fiction meets reality

Above all, it’s about the human experience, each poem, no matter how short, is a story on its own.

Want to know about my writing quirks? Read this blog post. 

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