Otherworldly. Sensual. Fierce.

Beautiful Alien is a sapphic poetry collection about the pursuit of true love—on Earth and beyond.

In her second poetry book, Olivia Bella takes us on an evolutionary journey from inevitable endings, through a hazy but sizzling romance, to finding real love.

Throughout the chapters, Olivia seamlessly merges the mundane with the ethereal, creating an enticing narrative.

The poems in the first chapter, Shards, remind us that in the process of seeking our truth, we sometimes unwillingly hurt others, and may end up hurting ourselves too.

The second chapter is about longing, loving, and letting go. Purple Haze portrays the emotional transformation that comes from a relationship that never quite stood a chance in the real world.

The third and final chapter called Lipstick Hearts, culminates in finding that special someone whom we not only have insane chemistry with but also a deep soul connection.

You will find Beautiful Alien especially relatable if:

  • You ever had to leave someone in order to live your truth
  • You have been in love with someone who couldn’t commit to you
  • Despite all the heartbreak, you still believe in true love
  • You love to embrace your sensuality
  • You enjoy vivid, dreamy, and galactic visuals
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