Book Comparison: Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies vs Beautiful Alien

by Jan 6, 2024Behind The Poetry

Let’s do a poetry book comparison – just for fun. 🙂

Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies: a poetry collection about love, passion, and betrayal – published in January 2022

Beautiful Alien: sapphic poetry about the pursuit of true love – published in September 2023

While both books are about love and relationships, there are quite a few differences between them. The most obvious one is that Beautiful Alien being a sapphic poetry collection focuses on love between women, whereas Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies, is mostly about the male and female dynamic. I say “mostly” because there are a few unmistakably sapphic pieces in the last chapter. In Beautiful Alien, the only time you come across a reference to men is in the first chapter, but not in a romantic way. (More about that another time.)

I started both books with heartbreak poems and worked my way up to a happy ending throughout the three chapters ‘cause I can’t leave you guys crying and feeling devastated. 

In Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies (Why did I give it such a long title? From now on I’ll refer to it as SD & SL) the themes are slightly more separated, while in Beautiful Alien, you can still find those bittersweet poems in the second chapter – there is something so interesting and real about mixing sadness with sensuality, don’t you think?

Even though both collections deal with heartbreak, the emotions are quite different. SD & SL’s sad chapter is mostly about facing betrayal – and therefore the anger and feelings of abandonment that come with it. In Beautiful Alien, the heartbreak comes from having to end stagnant and toxic relationships, and some poems touch on feelings of confusion, the heaviness of not being fully chosen, and having to let go. One of the biggest differences is the state of mind from which the poems were written. Being a victim and feeling destroyed are more prevalent themes in SD & SL, while in Beautiful Alien the heartbreak and disappointment come with more acceptance and the ability to take responsibility for one’s life and emotions. 

Okay, so now let’s talk about the love poems, the romance, those heart-warming pieces that you can find in both my books. I’d say they have the most similarities, and of course, there is often an overlap (especially in Beautiful Alien) with the more sensual poems. I write a lot about deep soul connections, soul mates, and twin flames type of love and they’re often presented in a story format with vivid imagery and diverse vocabulary. One thing is for sure, my poems will make you believe in love again, and you won’t want to settle for the ordinary. 

Now onto the NSFW part. Both of my books have plenty of sensual and erotic pieces, most of which are ‘gender-neutral’ and can resonate with anyone with various sexual orientations. That being said SD & SL is heavily focused on erotica between men and women, with some poems being quite descriptive, and Beautiful Alien has a lot of sapphic sizzle that can especially resonate with queer femmes.  

The conclusion? While I do write lighthearted and uplifting pieces too, the majority of my poems are quite visually and emotionally rich, filled with metaphors and juxtapositions of contrasting elements. I’d recommend my books to those who feel deeply and love hard, those who are willing to believe in magic, those who are not afraid to dream, and those who are not afraid of making mistakes whether it be in love or life. Both books take you on an intense emotional journey, and they were compiled with the intention of having a storyline. That being said, you can just pick a random page and read the poems separately too, if that’s what you desire. 

I hope this little comparison helped you decide whether you want to buy both my books or just one of them. 

I’ll leave the links below for you. They are available on Amazon worldwide, as well as on Barnes & Noble and other retailers online. 

Get Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies here. 

Get Beautiful Alien here. 

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