Is my book only for queer women?

by Oct 29, 2023Beautiful Alien

So is my book Beautiful Alien only for lesbian and queer women?

While I would love all queer women to read my book because I genuinely think that it’s a MUST READ for any woman who’s ever loved or been attracted to another woman, Beautiful Alien is not exclusively for sapphics.

After all, love is love and love is the language of the soul.
Many of the poems are gender-neutral so to say (such a weird thing to say about a poem isn’t it?) and I truly believe that anyone who’s ever been in love, and had their heart broken yet still chooses to stay open to magical experiences, will be able to relate to my writing.
I know for a fact, that many of my straight friends and readers loved the book.

That being said, I would not recommend it to anyone who’s against same-sex relationships or finds love and sensuality between two women wrong and disgusting.

Many of the poems are based on real-life experiences, while others are more fictional. Regardless, this book was born from the depths of my own heart and soul. To me, it is sacred and beautiful, and I’d like my readers to feel the same way when immersing themselves in my words.

I felt inspired to share these thoughts, as this book (Beautiful Alien) is different from my last one (Spicy Dreams & Sugary Lies), and in some ways, it is a truer reflection of who I am now. In case you were looking for the male-female dynamic depicted in my earlier work, you won’t find it here. What you will find though, is a plethora of emotions played out through the chapters, and of course, a big dose of sapphic sensuality.


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